Common Grounds Presents


Chambers, Ryan Pickop

Sat, September 7, 2013

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$7.00 - $10.00

All Sales Final.

Seryn - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Hailing from one of the most artistically creative music communities ("Best Music Scene of '08" -Paste Magazine) around, Seryn calls Denton, Texas home. That may not surprise many, but it is no mistake by any means. Call it fate if you want, it is obvious the stars aligned to bring this group of young musicians together.

Seryn, having only played together since March of '09, have created something truly special in their short existence. Using a variety of instruments including guitar, ukulele, kalimba, accordion, bass, drums, viola, percussion and more, Seryn's understanding of dynamics shines brightly and has earned them a sound that is not easily defined, but proven triumphant.

Denton Record-Chronicle recently refferred to Seryn's live show at an Art Gallery as being "so dynamic that you could feel the key changes in your feet, through Festival Hall's concrete floor."

"This Denton outfit is one of the buzziest bands in the region. Thanks to folk-flecked compositions and powerful harmonies, Seryn is fast becoming a must-see." - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Like ice-cold water on a hot day, their music is crisp and refreshing, and I cannot get enough. The imagery packed into their set is unreal. It's like listening to the soundtrack of a great love story, breathtaking drama, and a dark tragedy all rolled into one over-the-top, unparalleled performance. It is big and beautiful… - My Denton Music

"Watching Seryn perform, it's hard to convince yourself that those crystalline, multi-part harmonies are pre-recorded or some kind of sleight of ear. Ferociously skilled and preparing a full-length debut for release later this year, Seryn's is a name you will hear over and over (and over) again in the months to come."- Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Seryn's SXSW Show

Seryn plays hopeful baroque folk-pop allowing their voices an equally important role as their instrumentation. One part beautiful vocal harmonies that whisper at times and shout choral anthems the next, and one part progressive rock that quickly transcends from quiet, acoustic ukulele strums to an intense drum-line style wall of noise.
Chambers - (Set time: 9:10 PM)
Chambers is a 4 piece Mood Rock band based out of Denton, Texas. When Judson Valdez and Chase Johnson started working together in October of 2012, they were playing as backing musicians for a mutual friend’s project. After only a couple of months playing together, they quickly realized that they shared creative similarities and decided to try writing music together. Along the way of writing the songs that would eventually become Chambers first album, they recruited their sound engineer, Daniel Pelletier, away to play bass to round out the band and became Chambers. Early on they realized that they all had strong but very different voices and instead of trying to conform their different styles to each other, made it into their strength. What has come out of this process is a collection of songs that features 3 very different singers, complex arrangements of harmonies, and a variety of instruments and styles.

Chambers has played with:

Grimes, Cold War kids, Efterklang, Chelsea Wolfe, Tennis, Torres, Frontier Ruckus, and toured with Seryn.

Debut Album:

“Inner Room” was released June 10, 2014. It was recorded at Redwood Studios in Denton, TX by Jordan Martin, McKenzie Smith, Joey McClellan, and Daniel Pelletier.

Chambers is:

Judson Valdez- Lead guitars, Lead vocals, backing vocals
Chase Johnson – drums, samples, Backing vocals
Daniel Pelletier – Bass, backing vocals


Named one of the Best NTX Albums of 2014 by:

Dallas Observer
Central Track

"(Their live show) seized the crowd's attention for the entire duration of their set, a testament that Chambers possess a magnetic energy, even amidst some of their more low-tempo and drawn-out instrumental sections."
- Dallas Observer

"The band's unique harmonies are too powerful; it's arrangements just too deft and orchestrations too lush."
- Central Track

"Chambers has created this sound flawlessly and effortlessly. With the precise harmonies of a choir, they’ve created magic."
- Infectious magazine
Ryan Pickop - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
Ryan Pickop
Some people chose to write songs. For Ryan, songwriting is an integral and primal activity. He crafts songs with the care of a poet, a carpenter, a parent. His songs are an extension of himself, collections of imagery patched together and infused with his yearning and regrets, love and anger; touching the universal with small moments of observation and the individual with personal thoughts and confessions.

Ryan’s music has roots - rooted in Americana, rooted in the Earth, roots that are always growing and seeking nourishment that feeds the being and the fruit it bears. His songs intentionally bring us beauty; familiar enough to feel like home, and yet inviting us to join him as he digs deeper into the places that we are sometimes scared to look. Challenging without being confrontational, we are offered narratives vague enough to feel that they could be about us, and specific enough to know they are intimate and real.

Ryan Pickop currently resides in Waco, TX. In his time there he has been an active part of the music community. Ryan is brother, son, neighbor, co-laborer, husband and friend, and brings us music informed by the richness and complexity of this web of interwoven relationships.
Venue Information:
Common Grounds
1123 S. 8th Street
Waco, TX, 76706